Thursday, June 28, 2012


It seems both Sunny 'Sweet Daddy Fonk' Wong and DJZigZag had the same idea at the same time again . . . Well, in fact, it was SDF's offspring Amy who unearthed the book for her pops at their local library.  That was more-than-likely the same day that DJZigZag had ordered the RJ Smith bio from
At the time, DJZZ had only the last few pages left to read of the Charles Farley book "Soul Of The Man" about Robert Calvin Bland's life.
So before we continue with thoughts about "The One: The Life And Music of James Brown", here's an example of the great mood-inducing passages from Mr. Farleys' "Soul of the Man";
"The promoter will be happy tonight.  By nine-thirty the place is packed, all the tables are filled on the main floor and in the balcony.  Men stand against the walls, looking for single women.  People are still table hopping, but as the band trickles onto the stage, they begin to settle a little.  There is no stage curtain.  The band members just mosey in from the wings, play with the sheet music on their music stands that say Bobby Bland and Joe Scott Orchestra."
"Finally, at some unseen, secret signal, (all) the band members, resplendent in black tuxedos, amble from the wings to their respective positions.  Joe Scott arrives last with his shiny double-belled trumpet.  He nods to Jabo Starks, who has settled in behind a large drum set, stage center rear, and Jabo pounds out a loud, solid, up-tempo rhythm.  Joe raises his horn and the others follow..."
Mike "East End Kingada Blues" Cvetkovich has read this tome and pronounces it, "A great read!" with Mr. Wong now deep into the brand new James Brown biography, "The One".
Sunny tells DJZZ that he was thrilled to see a new 455 page book devoted to his brother-in-soul #1 especially so-soon after finishing the Bobby Bland bio.
ZigZag couldn't help but shuffle through the new James Brown book when it arrived and found this wonderful paragraph that bodes well for its endorsement;
"Right after the Apollo dates, singer Yvonne Fair left.  She was pregnant with her and Browns' child.  Her spot on the show was filled by a young beauty who had turned Brown's head at the Playhouse in Philadelphia.  Her name was Tammy Montgomery."
Sweet Daddy tells me that the "hook" that makes the reading of it interesting (in fact "juicy") is that its filled with anecdotal references and stories from the people who knew James Brown most intimately.  Band members, girlfriends, family, Flames and business partners relate stories only they could know.  DJZZ sez he can't wait to read the last few pages of "Soul of The Man" so that he can start the Gotham Books "The One: The Life and Music of James Brown".

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